Thursday, July 23, 2009

Terry Wahls, MD also used nutrition to recover from SPMS

I just received these audio CD's yesterday 07-21-09. There are 6 of them so it will take me some time to grasp the information, but so far it is fascinating. I will forever wonder if this Human blood print blood test had been one of the first MS tests I had would I be as advanced as I am now. My first symptom was to my eyes when I was 13, I am 47 now and have had this blood test done that tests for 154 possible food allergens, I have 29. Before that I was reading about other MS patients who claimed cure trough dietary means, this was seeming pretty coincidental to me. So I started eating Gluten free for 3 years (very expensive) I noticed some slight improvements but nothing as great as after I found out which foods I truly have an allergen to...gluten was not one of them! I should have had that blood test first! I found out I do have allergens to wheat so I do still eat some gluten free foods. My blood also showed I have an allergen to lettuce! I would never have guessed that in a million years, I've eaten salads for decades, also cow's milk, tomatoes, almonds, my favorite fruit blueberries, alfalfa, beets, oats, and a host of other foods I have been eating for as long as I can remember. Sugar was not a problem but I was highly addicted to sugar and my father has type 2 diabetes, so I quit eating sugar (that was not easy) about 3 - 4 years ago. I don't need another disease! Since I eliminated those foods this past March '09 I have noticed my brain fog lifting and my short term memory being better, my son agrees that my memory is better. He is 21 and has a great memory so it's not just me noticing. I have a long way to go, my balance is unchanged since '84, who knows maybe stem cells will be the only thing that can help that. ? Since it has only been 4 months since eliminating those foods I would like to see how things will look in the next 6 months or so. I will continue to stay away from these foods, though some can be added back again to see if I notice any differences. I have done that and went right back to staying away from those foods! I have always been able to walk to a certain degree even at my worst I could always shuffle in a few steps, my worst symptom is chronic insomnia which seemed to worsen dramatically after an exacerbation to the left side of my body in '05, from the beginning my symptoms had always affected my right side, head to toe. This was new and very debilitating, I could not move my left arm at all, and my left leg soon followed so my mom had to rent an electric wheelchair for 3 months. It was back to high doses of Prednisone 80mg and slowly weaning off for the next 3 months. I know I am fortunate that steroids have always helped to at least get me back to where I could use my cane again and get around that way. The other treatment I was very fortunate to use for 13 months was the vaccine Alan Osmond & his son are using, the SF1019 Immunosyn vaccine. That gave me energy and cured 2 bouts of vertigo, no bloating just a small Subcutaneous needle injection. Stress & heat have got me back to using 40mg Prednisone so I can keep walking with my cane, but I will often use my manual wheelchair so I do not overdo it mostly when I first awaken and when I go to bed. I do exercise my legs daily, either with isometrics or ballet plie's. I will feel more comfortable exercising more once it is Fall and I will not have to concern myself with the heat of summer. I really hope more MS patients will have this blood test performed, you may be as surprised as I was to see all of the foods I tested positive to and have been eating for most of my life. Never give up! ~ Lisa Quick